Lewisville sees early success with conservation program

Heather M. Goodwin, hgoodwin@starlocalmedia.com

Less than one month into the city’s new water conservation program, officials said they have already had their first success.

The Lewisville City Council passed a resolution adopting the city’s single family residential water conservation credit program on April 2. The applications for the program became available to residents about two weeks ago.

“We have already had our first successful applicant, a resident who purchased a qualifying low flow toilet and has already had the credit applied to the water bill,” said Mendie White, sustainability manager.

On average, a household spends as much as $500 per year on its water and sewer bill. The rebate program allows residents to save about $170 per year by installing water-efficient fixtures and appliances. Residents could receive credits on their water bills for approved purchases. There is a $375 maximum credit per address, per fiscal year.

Residents may visit cityoflewisville.com/about-us/city-services/sustainability/water-conservation/residential-water-conservation-credit-program to read all the requirements/restrictions of the program and apply online. Some of the items that could be approved for rebate include certain washing machines, rain barrels, low flow toilets, water-saving showerheads and rain/freeze sensors for irrigation systems.

“We think this is a positive program that encourages water conservation,” said Donna Barron, city manager.

Certain items have to be pre-qualified prior to purchase. The installation has to be done by qualified licensed professionals. Residents receive the rebate credit after they provide proof of installation in addition to original purchasing receipts.

“The program encourages residents to adopt behaviors that result in a reduction in water consumption through a variety of water conservation strategies around their homes,” White said. “This is especially important in the DFW Metroplex where water suppliers are dealing with high demand times and drought conditions on a fairly regular basis.”

White said the program also supports the goals of the Lewisville 2025 Plan and Lewisville’s Water Conservation Plan, both of which encourage efficient resource management.

“Residents can save money as a result of participating in the program, both initially through the credit back to their account and over time through savings from reduced water usage,” White said. “The EPA provides estimates of cost savings based on the specific type of improvement (low flow toilet, high efficiency washing machines, etc.).”

For information on savings visit epa.gov/watersense/statistics-and-facts.

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