Lewisville mobile home park in danger of flooding

LEWISVILLE — Early Friday evening, the city of Lewisville warned residents in a section of the Creekside Mobile Home park that flood waters from Denton Creek may reach their homes over the next 12 hours.

Denton Creek is part of the Grapevine Lake basin. The lake is expected to crest Friday night or early Saturday, and the neighboring city of Coppell says it expects the creek to rise for several hours after that.

The Creekside Park is within the city of Lewisville and its Emergency Management team says it expects the creek to come up another two to three feet. Friday afternoon, city staffers came through the park warning families that evacuating might be best, with the water threatening electricity and sewage systems, and asking them to clear their yards of anything that might float away. Several residents in the areas with the highest chance of flooding followed that advice, including Steve Jarnagin.

"I just moved power tools into the house so they’d be up higher," he said. "Got the dogs and the cats and the pet food and all that stuff — laptop, computers — put it all in the car and off we go."

He was headed to a motel, but there’s also a temporary shelter set up for those who need it at the Fred Herring Recreation Center on Civic Circle. The city of Lewisville is also warning neighbors that it could take several days for this water to recede.

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